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Tucson's Strength And Conditioning Facility: Powerlifting, Olympic Weightifting, Cross Training

Bringing the the best instruction and smartest programming in the Olympic lifts, powerlifting, and Strength and Conditioning. No Matter what your sport is we have a program for you.

Strong and Healthy Women's Program NO EXCUSES

Get Strong! Kettlebell training for women...

Workshops and Events: Bringing the Best to Tucson

We are proud to bring the best in the fitness and strength training world to Tucson. We have been host to StrongFirst, Pavel Tsatsouline, Coach Dan John, and many others. Finally world class continuing education in Tucson.

Home of Tucson Barbell Club

Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, and Strength and Conditioning

Workshops and Events: Bringing the Best to Tucson

We are proud to bring the best in the fitness and strength training world to Tucson. We have been host to StrongFirst, Pavel Tsatsouline, Coach Dan John, and many others. Finally world class continuing education in Tucson.

Welcome to the Future of Fitness

Tucson's School of Strength:Educated Personal Training in Tucson, World class kettlebell instruction, Olympic weightlifting, Kettlebell training for women and more...

Evolution Strength and Conditioning. SMARTER TRAINING.PERIOD

We brought together the barbell Explosive lifts,Strength, and Kettlebells into something that makes sense and will progress you. If you have been looking or a Crossfit alternative in Tucson you have found it

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Tucson's School of Strength: Personal Training, Kettlebells, Olympic Lifting, Kettlebell Training for women, Personal Trainers Tucson, Powerlifting



Welcome to Evolution Fitness, home of Tucson Kettlebell and Tucson Barbell Club. We pride ourself in being Tucson's premier provider of Personal Training and group training. If you are a woman that is looking to get strong our kettlebell training program for women has become our most successful program.  Our entire team of personal trainers  have all undergone extensive training and career development. This is not a big box gym or a meat market, this is a place people come to change their lives and get strong. There are no fancy machines or dancing aerobics. If you are looking for a personal training facility that offers a unique program not offered anywhere in Tucson Arizona you have found your gym. 

StrongFirst / RKC Kettlebell, Personal Training and group personal training in Tucson:
Group Training Tucson Kettlebell Group Training Tucson

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Strong and Healthy Woman Program

Tucson personal trainers, Strong and Healthy Woman Evolution FitnesSTRONG AND HEALTHY WOMAN PROGRAM:

NEXT KICKOFF March 8th, 2014 

KETTLEBELLS TWICE THE WORKOUT IN HALF THE TIME? A unique kettlebell training program in Tucson

Our Strong and Healthy Woman Program is unlike any other fitness program offered in Tucson. Our certified personal trainers offer individualized attention in a group setting with mindful programming. T
here are very few activities that come close to kettlebell training and we are gym to guide you in that journey. This is a real strength training program for women of all levels.  Whatever your fitness goals may be, we offer the highest quality personal training and small group training. Read more

Tucson Barbell Club: Strength & Conditioning, Olympic and Powerlifting

jackiebackSmart Strength Programming: Tucson Barbell Club
We are proud to be the home of Tucson Barbell Club here at Evolution Fitness. There are numerous gyms out there that dabble in olympic lifting and powerlifting and turn it into a circus act. This is a structured program that will focus on form, technique, and practice. For experienced lifters we even offer open gym memberships to practice your lifts. Not many gyms in Tucson let you come in and train the Olympic lifts.  Learn More..

Upcoming Events

StrongFirst LogoWe are proud to host numerous world class certifications and workshops for personal trainers in Tucson. We have hosted Pavel Tsatsouline and StrongFirst's Bodyweight Certification StrongFirst's Barbell Certification. We have been host to such amazing fitness events such as Intervention with Coach Dan John, Strength Training with Justin Lascek of 70's Big, as well as HKC and Primal Move Certifications. We have also hosted numerous strength and conditioning competitions and plan to have a huge 2014.




Upcoming Events

StrongFirst Barbell 3-DAY Certification - October 17-19th

Strong & Healthy Woman Kick-off - November 1st, 2014

StrongFirst Kettlebell Course - January 24th, 2015 

Attitude Nation Olympic Lifting Seminar with Jon North - February 7th 2015

StrongFirst Barbell Course - March 7th,  2015



Kettlebells for Sale in Tucson, Arizona

kettlebells for sale tucson,  Certified Personal TrainersKettlebells, Rumble Foam Rollers for Sale in Tucson

We are proud to carry Ader Kettlebells and Rumble Roller Products at our facility. We are an official Rumble Roller Distributor. We offer competitive prices all our products that you normally have to purchase online. We have the ability to order bulk amounts of kettlebells as well. We are excited to be a provider of kettlebells to the Tucson Community

We also sell weightlifting / gym chalk, foam rollers!